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Aerial Sling, Spiral, Dance Trapeze, Lyra

My name is Erica! I am the creator of Honey Circus.

This small business began in 2020. I wanted to create a place that invited the average person to step into this art and make it their own.


Today, many of my students are successful individually, as aerial artists, and have gained the expertise to perform collaboratively.

As a professional aerial instructor and performer of 9 years, it is with excitement I share my knowledge and guide you through all stages of learning and excelling. I value excellency when it comes to safety standards and provide higher-level training that will allow my students to grow as artists in and outside of class.

Myself, and my two other main coaches provide performance entertainment for special events, live music shows, and more. 

Please direct all booking inquiries to our email on the contact page.


Aerial Silks

Lexi Friedman is a professional aerialist with over four years of performing and teaching experience. Lexi fell in love with aerial silks the moment she touched the fabric. She runs the aerial silks program at Honey Circus in Connecticut and has brought her workshops to many festivals over the Northeast, including Electric Mabon, Nocturnal Funktion, and the Homie Collective Campout. Her training is heavily influenced by movement therapy; she’s always seen it as a way to build confidence and foster self love for her students. She teaches students how to thrive using creativity and technique, to find their own authentic movements, while still having fun. Outside of coaching/performing, you can also find Lexi flowing with dragon staff, cracking her bullwhip, and clowning around.



              beginner lyra

Hi! My name is Carissa and I’m one the of the level 1 Lyra coaches at Honey Circus. My aerial journey started after falling in love with aerial yoga 5 years ago, the rest is circus history! I’m a certified yoga instructor and also hold certifications and training in Lyra, trapeze and hammock.

Teaching Lyra is one of my joys. I love watching our students grow their confidence, hone their own personal aerial style all while having a kick ass time.

As a Sagittarius ( the student of the zodiac) my desire to learn is endless! You will likely see me in classes at Honey Circus from time to time. Evolving my practice is super important to me, both as a student and a teacher.

It’s my goal that while taking my class you feel included, safe and supported. Bonus points if you laugh at my dad jokes.

When I’m not in the air I’m hanging with my dogs and loved ones, growing plant babes and dancing the night away.

I can’t wait to meet you, come hang with me!

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