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Some of our classes tend to book very far out in advance! Please be mindful of holding your space over several weeks at a time, as last minute cancellations make it very difficult for others to get into class.

All purchases are final. We do not provide refunds for any class, workshop or series.

If you must cancel your booking, we kindly ask that you please contact us via email 24 hours in advance if possible. 

Due to the high demand for classes, we can only reschedule a booking one time.

We require 24 hr notice of a class cancellation in order to use that class credit again for a future class.

No shows, and last minute cancellations within 3 hours of class time, are not eligible for rescheduling. 


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  • Bare skin against an aerial silks or lyra can cause burns and micro abrasions, especially in the heat of summer. Be sure to wear leggings that cover the backs of the knees and wear tops that cover the armpits.

  • Bring a water bottle, we have a water cooler to top you off.

  • Please do not wear any jewelry during class, this can snag and rip our fabric

  • No perfumes please! Artificial fragrances can linger on our fabrics, even after washing. 


Wondering what the difference is between aerial sling, silks and lyra?

Aerial silks are two strands of fabric descending from one hanging point. No, you don't need upper body strength to do aerial silks. You will build that up over time! Aerial sling is a loop of fabric, often called "hammock", descending down from one hanging point. Aerial sling is very similar to silks, but often said to be easier. Students love how skills transfer between the two! Lyra, often called aerial "hoop", is a metal hoop suspended from one hanging point.

Lyra is often said to be most students favorite initiation apparatus into aerials.

We'll let you be the judge!

Each class has a brief description of what to expect when you go to: "book classes" page.

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